• The Hycroft


    The Hycroft

    NEW paint options for the pipes!

    ** Shelves sold separately

    Vancouver Fact:

    Vancouver Architect Thomas Hooper designed a house for Alexander Duncan McRae for his family. After the death of his wife Blanche in 1942, McRae donated Hycroft to the government of Canada and it was to be used as a hospital for wounded veterans. Once converted, it housed 130 beds. Since 1962 Hycroft has been the home of the University Woman's Club of Vancouver and is home in that capacity to the club, founded in 1907 to promote education and human rights for women.

    **All products come unfinished. Each pipe is coated with a thin layer of oil to keep from rusting during shipping. We recommend wiping them down thoroughly. You can paint them fun colours or leave them as-is. The shelf can be stained, painted or whatever your heart desires. Assembly required.