Our standard shelves are Maple and 6" deep, for custom sizes or different wood species, email

Wood Species

All our wood comes straight from the mill as dimensional lumber, giving it a rough, natural look. The wood is then cut to size, (and drilled if required) than sanded down with a 60 grit paper. 

What to do with a natural wood shelf:

Wood stain: Comes in natural and unnatural wood colours and you can still see the grain
Paint: A good way to add a touch of colour and an accent to your home or office
Clear Coat: Makes the shelf extra durable and gives it a gloss finish
Tung Oil: A durable, natural looking finish, shown on the wood products below

Oiled Pine                                                    Natural Pine


Oiled Maple                                                  Natural Maple


Oiled Fir                                                        Natural Fir