pipe shelves

Vancouver Pipe Company specializes in DIY, take-home pipe shelf kits.
Our goal is to make it easy and affordable for people to build their own pipe shelves and pipe furniture 

Step 1: Pick a style on our kit page
Step 2: Pick a shelf (make sure sizes match if applicable)
Step 3: Place your order
Step 4: Assemble and enjoy


Van Pipe Co. got its start in an East Van office located in the Strathcona area. To celebrate the history and people of the community where it all began, there are #VancouverFacts for each of our products. The first line of shelves is
The Strathcona. Each kit has a story about the neighbourhood, it's people and history.

For custom pipe furniture, email and let our design team create the best chairs, shelving units, etc for your home or restaurant.

**If shipping outside of Canada, please email**


Van Pipe Co. is an online startup making it possible for people to have the knowledge and materials to build their very own black iron pipe furniture.